“Yoga is the awareness of your doing” – Geshe Michael Roach 

My Yoga journey started over 25 years ago, and around 2007 I discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which I fell in love with and has been the focus of my practice ever since.  I have had the privilege to study with some extra-ordinary teachers over the years, none more so than John Scott who I gained my Ashtanga Vinyasa teaching certifications from in 2016/17.

Yoga has supported me through most of my life.  I played with postures as a child, and never forgot how good it made me feel. After taking my first proper Iyengar class at Art College, I continued my yoga journey as I moved to London to work in Photography.  Yoga saved my back from years of mistreatment, and the carrying of heavy photographic equipment.

I practiced Iyengar yoga for several years which is where I get my love for alignment. When I feel physically and emotionally aligned, I feel centered and my perspective on the world more neutral.

Yoga became an integral part of my life and over a period of eight years my winters were spent in India seeking the sun and exploring yoga with Gurus in its homeland .

It was on one of these trips to India that in 2007 I trained with Louisa Sear to gain my yoga alliance teaching qualification, and this is where I became more deeply immersed to the Ashtanga system which has become my passion.

The following year I headed to Mysore to practice with B.N.S Iyengar, who is the oldest living Guru of Ashtanga yoga, and studied his teacher trainings in asana, philosophy, pranayama and mudra at the Patanjala Yogashala.  I returned again the following winter to further these studies with him. It was an absolute privilege to be taught by someone so humble, with such wisdom and knowledge.

I like my classes to be both challenging and fun. I love the transformative qualities of yoga and enjoy encouraging my students to move beyond their mental and physical limitations.

I have found that yoga supports us both mentally and physically through all stages of our lives, and it was especially supportive through the most transformative period, that of childbirth.

Whilst pregnant with my daughter, I gained my teaching pregnancy yoga qualification at triyoga. Having experienced the extremely positive benefits of yoga throughout my own pregnancy and the birth, its a joy to be able share my knowledge and experience with mums-to-be throughout their pregnancy and labour.  Continuing beyond this with the strengthening, rebalancing and beautiful bonding experience that is mummy and me postnatal yoga.

After my daughters birth I slowly regained my Ashtanga practice, and rebuilt my strength.

I recently relocated back to my home town of Northampton, where I’m teaching regular classes, one to one clients, workshops and retreats whilst continuing to support my London based one to one clients, (many of whom are photographers with bad backs).

Over the last 4 years I have been advancing my practice under the guidance of John Scott and his students and completed my 200hrs with him in 2017.  I am currently studying second series with Sandra Howling as part of my 500 hour training under John Scott Yoga.

Now, after over 20 years of yoga I can happily say that in both life and my practice I’ve become wiser, calmer, stronger and am more aligned  (as are some of my asanas).

I look forward to sharing my journey, influences and experiences with you in the years to come.


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