What my students say….

“ I have been working with Ness, since I had back surgery for a prolapsed disc in 2012. Although the surgery was considered a success, I have had ongoing problems and working with Ness has been a major factor in getting me back on track and able to live a relatively pain free life. By doing one on one sessions with Ness, we have been able to focus on the areas that I need specific attention in. One of the most incredible transitions for me, has been how I have been able to retrain my feet to behave in a different way and with an alignment that helps the rest of my body. I thoroughly recommend Ness and her very personal style of yoga”
Sam Harrison, restaurant owner and yoga student.


“I’ve had asthma all my life and have always used inhalers but now that Ness has shown me how to breathe properly my inhaler use has halved! I wish I’d taken up yoga years ago as there are so many benefits but I think the majority of the credit has to go to Ness. Her unique style of teaching combines humour, patience and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things yoga and before long you’ll know what Chitta Vritti and other Sanskrit words means as well! Ness was recommended to me by someone who has been doing yoga for years so I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve never tried it but Ness makes you feel totally relaxed and each session is tailored to your skill level, or lack of it in my case!”
Geoff – entrepreneur and new yoga addict


“I have been to yoga classes on and off for years and as much as I enjoy doing yoga I rarely return to classes because everyone is always so silent and serious. When I attended Ness’s class it was such a relief to go somewhere with a more human and humorous approach where you weren’t met with silent glares if you asked a question or laughed if you were finding something tricky. Ness is great at hands-on correction, really clear in her instruction and for the first time ever people laughed and supported one another which in my opinion is conducive to a productive learning environment.”
Nicky Ellis – Osteopath and Professional dance teacher/choreographer


“Ness, your attention to alignment and help with adjustments has turned my yoga ‘attitude’ into a real practice. Under your guidance, I am truly developing my flexibility and my strength – but the best news is that I hardly get headaches, backaches and sciatic pain any more. Thank you so much! It really has changed my life for the better!”
Issy Clarke – Journalist and Broadcaster


“Ness  has been my yoga teacher for almost four years. Her instinctive sensitivity and calm approach have kept me fiercely loyal to her, and incredibly grateful for the understanding and help she has brought to my flawed body. Neurological complaints are hard to negotiate, but she sails around my fluctuations- both muscular and psychological- with an innate discretion and wise acceptance which I try to emulate.  There is a lot of laughter in our lessons, and even genuine euphoria. Private lessons allow one the time to hold poses far longer than would be possible in a class, achieving a much more profound connection with the breath. Classes are dynamic, we use routine to build stamina but mix up asanas depending on the mood of the day. Ness knows when to push and when to tread gently. I have recommended her to all my friends, both pregnant and non, and  always look forward to our next session. Her daughter is a happy addition to our classes, and a gifted teacher in the making.”
Marina – translator and yoga lover


“I have been practicing yoga for 12 years and have had numerous teachers, Ness is completely different. Within one lesson I had corrected so much of my practice which I had been doing wrong for so many years, Ness pushes you and makes you believe in yourself in a gentle but firm way. With one on one classes Ness is dedicated and doesn’t miss anything, she is sympathetic and humble in her approach to teaching. I recommend Ness to anyone and everyone, she is the very best yoga instructor. I would rather stop my practice than have someone else.”
Zoe Taylor – make-up artist and yoga practitioner


“Absolutely sublime class.  It’s all in the detail delivered with delicacy and kind adjustments to alignment. My shoulders are quiet and there’s a new awakening of some long forgotten muscles in the back. Thank you and for the honour to teachers past.”
Nicky x


“I love having Ness as my teacher, she has given me great insight into the practice of yoga, she encourages me to challenge and believe in myself and what is possible.  She shares her knowledge and own experiences openly, so I always feel that I learn something new in every class.  I am stretching myself – literally – in ways that I did not expect, and as a result am enjoying myself more and more on the journey.  I had no expectations at the start and have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits that Ness’ teachings on yoga have given me, I feel more confident and energetic in a physical sense but this has also extended into a happier, more positive outlook on life generally. Thank you Ness!”
Carol x

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