Ashtanga Yoga Northampton

Ashtanga Yoga Northampton

“Habits allow us to not think about what we are doing… giving us the illusion of ease. When we are under the illusion of ease, not thinking about what we are doing. Breathing the same old way, moving the same old way, thinking the same old way we check out of the present, out of happiness itself”
– Alex Levin.

Ashtanga yoga is a fluid yoga practice which creates a balance between strength and flexibility. By synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures we can purify the body and calm the mind.
I love the transformative qualities of this particular style of yoga and my classes build a strong, considered practice, which focuses on alignment whilst encouraging my students to move beyond their limitations.

All yoga has to be met with humour and my classes are both challenging and fun.

I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga since training with BNS Iyengar in Mysore, India in 2008 and have furthered my studies under the guidance of John Scott since 2014.

What my students say…

“I have been to yoga classes on and off for years and as much as I enjoy doing yoga I rarely return to classes because everyone is always so silent and serious. When I attended Ness’s class it was such a relief to go somewhere with a more human and humorous approach where you weren’t met with silent glares if you asked a question or laughed if you were finding something tricky. Ness is great at hands-on correction, really clear in her instruction and for the first time ever people laughed and supported one another which in my opinion is conducive to a productive learning environment.”

Nicky Ellis
Osteopath and Professional dance teacher/choreographer

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