Do I need to be flexible to attempt yoga?

No, as long as you can breathe you can do yoga, and in time, you’ll become more flexible.
You are never too old, or young to start. I work with all ages and all abilities.

I’m hypermobile – yoga is easy for me.

Chances are you are moving into your weaker areas – yoga can help you find an alignment where your body can strengthen and support its hyperflexible tendencies.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing, though not too baggy.. this can lead to t-shirt suffocation in inverted poses. Yoga is also done barefoot but pedicures are not compulsory.

I’ve had a chronic bad back have found yoga irritates this..

With the correct alignment cues even chronic back issues can be alleviated.. depending on the nature of your issue, a one 2 one session may be advised.

Yoga mats are a relatively recent invention, and it is entirely possible to do yoga without one, however people do find it more comfortable on the knees to be on a mat, and if you get sweaty, it can get a bit slippy.
I do have some equipment that you can borrow whilst you decide if its for you,  its often more hygienic for you to have your own.. and it encourages self practice too!

Why do I want to be able to do that? (a question my mum often asks me in various leg behind head positions)..

Because I can! I would reply, because it’s entirely possible mumma, and if I can get over this little hurdle, what else can I achieve??? Think big!  Yoga is not just about creating a flexible or toned body, it also works on the mind.  Within each pose, there is a lesson.  It will be different for each of us, but as we advance in our postures we learn a lot about our nature.  When we work with our physical, mental and emotional blocks, what we once thought as non-attainable suddenly becomes within our reach.

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