“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”

Beginners Hatha Yoga

A journey starts but with a single step, (or actually a breath in yoga)….

People start yoga for many reasons and I have seen yoga change peoples lives for the better, and experienced it in my own.
In a beginners class we will create a strong foundation from which to progress. You will be introduced to the fundamental poses, from the perspective of good alignment, and gain a greater understanding of how the breath facilitates each movement.

On a physical level yoga:
improves posture and alignment,
creates a balance of strength and flexibility.
creates a healthy body by limbering the joints and the spine
cleanses the glands and internal organs

But Yoga is more than just physical exercise;
yoga helps to create health in all systems in the body, on our physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels.
By focusing on the breath in union with the movement we can free the body of its tensions.

It can take determination to accomplish a pose and as the mind is focused
your mental awareness is also improved.

As a beginner you will learn postures that will make you feel good, and learn how to use progressive openings to release tension and find freedom. With awareness we create a greater understanding of ourselves and what supports us to be more healthy.

What my students say…

“Ive had asthma all my life and have always used inhalers but now that Ness has shown me how to breathe properly my inhaler use has halved! I wish I’d taken up yoga years ago as there are so many benefits but I think the majority of the credit has to go to Ness. Her unique style of teaching combines humour, patience and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things yoga and before long you’ll know what Chitta Vritti and other Sanskrit words means as well! Ness was recommended to me by someone who has been doing yoga for years so I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve never tried it but Ness makes you feel totally relaxed and each session is tailored to your skill level, or lack of it in my case!” Geoff, entrepreneur and new yoga addict.

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